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    eazy Rust Converter

    Rust converter

    eazy Rust Converter is a liquid specially formulated to neutralise corrosion on previously rusted metal surfaces.

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    eazy SAFE Acid

    Haz descaling acid powder (requires heat)

    eazy SAFE Acid is a fast acting and effective powder based descaling acid.

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    eazy Safe CR

    Carbon removing solvent

    eazy Safe CR carbon remover is used to remove carbonised and baked on deposits typically found on engine parts, valves and burner tips.

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    eazy Sewage Effluent Test Kit

    As any vessel operator will already know, marine sewage treatment is a hugely important issue, and it’s one which is bound by a number of complex maritime regulations. The way a ship installation is allowed to process and dispose of sewage can vary from region to region, and because of this the operator needs to ensure high standards are always maintained.

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    eazy Tank Deodoriser

    Tank air freshener

    eazy Tank Deodoriser is a liquid based on perfumed oils in water suitable for deodorising after tank cleaning operations.

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    eazy Tankwash

    Solvent based DPP tank cleaner

    eazy Tankwash tank cleaner is used for cleaning up after dirty petroleum cargo and mineral oils.

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    eazy VCI Liquid

    Vapour corrosion inhibitor (liquid)

    eazy VCI Liquid is a water-soluble vapour corrosion inhibitor (V.C.I.) for wet corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminium.

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    eazy VCI Powder

    Vapour corrosion inhibitor (powder)

    eazy VCI Powder is a water-soluble vapour corrosion inhibitor (V.C.I.) for wet or dry corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminium.








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