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    eazy BioTreat

    Organic waste treatment

    eazy BioTreat is a concentrated organic waste treatment designed to maintain the efficiency of marine sanitation systems.

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    eazy Cement Remover-C

    Cement deposit remover

    eazy Cement Remover-C is a concentrated acid for the effective removal of cement and lime residues as well as lime bound soiling from steel superstructures and all acid resistant surfaces.

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    eazy CitraClean

    Citrus based detergent

    eazy CitraClean is a blend of surfactants, dispersants and naturally derived citrus oils ideal for removing heavy soiling normally requiring solvents.

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    eazy Degreaser

    Solvent based oil & grease remover

    eazy Degreaser is a blend of emulsifying solvents and surfactants ideal for use as a heavy duty solvent cleaner.

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    eazy Descaler

    Hydrochloric acid based descaler (requires heat)

    eazy Descaler is an aggressive hydrochloric acid based descaling liquid.

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    eazy Descaler Plus

    Non-Haz descaling acid (requires heat)

    eazy Descaler Plus is a non hazardous yet effective liquid descaling acid ideal for removing mineral scale.

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    eazy Disclean

    Disc cleaner acid

    eazy Disclean is designed to remove carbonaceous and varnish deposits from lube and fuel oil separator discs.

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    eazy Electric

    Slow drying solvent cleaner

    eazy Electric is a solvent used to clean and degrease most electrical equipment and motor components.








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