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Cleaning: Water Based

Cleaning: Water Based Products

  • eazy Aquaclean


    Standard water based detergent

    eazy Aquaclean is a water based multipurpose detergent containing an effective blend of active agents.

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  • eazy Aquaclean HD


    Non-caustic alkaline detergent

    eazy Aquaclean HD is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline detergent for effective removal of stubborn deposits.

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  • eazy CitraClean


    Citrus based detergent

    eazy CitraClean is a blend of surfactants, dispersants and naturally derived citrus oils ideal for removing heavy soiling normally requiring solvents.

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  • eazy Neutralise


    Post-acid neutralising solution

    eazy Neutralise is a highly alkaline liquid to neutralise metal surfaces and waste acid after descaling.

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