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eazy Rust Converter

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Rust converter

eazy Rust Converter is a liquid specially formulated to neutralise corrosion on previously rusted metal surfaces.

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eazy Rust Converter is an mineral acid-free rust treatment designed to neutralise corrosion on rusted ferrous metal surfaces. It is designed to react rapidly on ferrous corrosion, leaving a tough insoluble black semi-gloss acrylic coating, which is excellent for smoothing out heavily corroded surfaces where deep pits and fissures are a problem.

The ferrous surface to be protected is converted on contact to a complex organic iron compound by the unique deoxygenating agent. The corrosion-resistant layer is formed by utilising all the surface moisture and oxygen during the reduction reaction. The special copolymer latex emulsion dries to form an impermeable barrier to both oxygen and moisture.

The black chemical compound layer is completely neutral and can be used as a primer, without further treatment, for standard or synthetic resin lacquers, oil-based paints, two-compound lacquers or bitumastic and oil tar-based finishes such as micaceous iron oxide paints.

Product is solvent free and contains no harsh phosphoric or hydroflouric acids.


For use on ships, petro-chemical plants, harbour installations, offshore rigs, refineries, electricity and gas power stations, generators, pylons, shipping, shipyards, buoys, cranes, steel-work, iron girders, sewage works, reservoirs, ballast, water and oil storage tanks, bridges, road vehicles, railways and routine factory maintenance, in fact anywhere that corroded ferrous materials can be found.

  • Main features
  • Neutralises the corrosion process
  • Produces a hard, water insoluble hydrophobic film
  • Mineral acid free
  • Minimum surface preparation required
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Cost effective
  • Water based – Classified as non-hazardous
  • Compatible with most paint products
  • Viscosity: 600-900cps = Brookfield No.7 @ 20°C
  • Volume Solids = 39%





Surface Preparation
Remove all non-adhering scale and rust, paint and dirt using mechanical means if necessary. Salt-water deposits must be removed by high pressure clean water blasting. Any high peaks of rust should be reduced in order to be covered adequately.

Alkali, grease, oil, salt and chemical contaminant must be removed with detergent wash and then rinses with cold clean water.

Before use, pour into non-metallic container and to avoid transfer of rust particles do not pour any unused portion back into original container.

Clean brushes/equipment with cold water or detergent wash. This also applies to any spillage that may occur.

Dependant on surface conditions e.g. rough, smooth, depth of rust etc.

As a guide 1 litre of product, applied as one coat at a wet film thickness of 75-100 microns, covers 10-12m2 producing a dry film thickness of 24-20 microns. Allow up to 5 hours reaction time before attempting to apply undercoat or paint or 48 hours for delicate or cosmetic finishes.

Application Temperature
Product should not be applied to cold metal at or below the dew point, or hot metal above 40o°C. The coating gives excellent protection at temperatures ranging from -50o°C and 50o°C continuous use.

For inland atmosphere – 2 coats are recommended

For highly corrosive environments such as salt water – 3 coats are recommended.

Brush, roll or spray (Airless: 11 thou/tip on 30:1 pump. Air assisted: GFG or pressure fed at 60 p.s.i.)

Product should be worked-in with a brush in areas of deep pitting.

Product is self-priming and will accept most paints for over coating, extended life or cosmetic finish. Overcoat paint must be tested for compatibility before full-scale painting.

For chemical liquid tanks, or applications below the water line, overcoat with epoxy and leave 7 days before immersion.

Drying Time (approx. per coat)
Touch dry in 15 – 45 minutes (subject to temperature and humidity).

Between coats, 1 hour from touch dry (subject to temperature and humidity).

Protect from rain during drying and in confined areas, high humidity and low temperature will delay drying time. Continuous warm air circulation will accelerate the drying process.

  • Flash rusting will occur if:
  • Product is applied too thinly
  • Temperature is below 5o°C and drying time is delayed
  • Salt deposits are not removed from the rust
  • Weld areas flux salt deposits are not removed

Product Testing
Product must be left for 7 days before any physical or product testing is carried out.

  • Salt Spray Test: Dry film thickness 120 microns, ASTM B117, up to 800 hours with no rust
  • Adhesion: Cross hatch over rusted steel, GT 0 less than 5% removed
  • Permeability: 20-25g/m2/25pm/day
  • Pencil Hardness: 2H to 3H (on rusted steel)
  • Chemical Resistance: Spillage resistance to acid and alkali splashes however not resistant to prolonged contact with solvents causing softening

Health and Safety
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information.

Limitation of Liability
Eazychem’s standard terms and conditions of sale, available on request, apply and contain limitations on any liability that may be incurred by Eazychem arising in any way from the sale and use of products supplied by Eazychem.

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