Founded in 2002 by a team with extensive experience in the marine and chemical industries, combined with a variety of outside expertise such as logistics, information technology and marketing, Eazychem provides all the best that a fusion of industry best-practices, fresh perspective and insight, and the precise, thoughtful application of new technology can provide.

Our specially selected range of products has been developed to meet the vast majority of the industry’s needs without excessive product overlap, in order to simplify the purchasing process and reduce unnecessary inventory. These products are supported by all necessary testing equipment (backed up by internally developed monitoring and testing schemes) and services to provide for the majority of chemical and chemical related needs.

Our chemicals are primarily manufactured in the United Kingdom and then distributed to our network of warehouses and agents in key locations around the globe. By keeping production in a central location we are able to assure that all products meet the same rigorous standards, are of the same high quality and produce the exact same effect throughout the world.

The Eazychem Vision

Our foremost belief is that whilst traditional ‘9 to 5’ customer-vendor relationships work well in many markets, maritime and offshore requires a different approach. Closer links and greater understanding between supplier and customer are necessary in order to provide the level of service required to satisfy industry needs and meet and exceed its expectations.

Our objective is to become the market’s preferred global business partner in the supply of chemicals and services and to answer the burning question that seldom gets asked – ‘Why should we buy from you?’

In response to this we have made every effort to add value to every step of the chemical purchasing process.

Employing the services of highly skilled and motivated partners coupled with investing in and developing technology will ensure that you – the customer – are given greater control, more information and faster feedback throughout all areas of interaction.

We also recognise that with ever changing legislation outlawing many of the traditional chemical products alternatives must be found. We have sought tirelessly to produce as safe a range of products as feasibly possible whilst maintaining performance requirements.

Why Choose Eazychem?

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We supply unique product solutions as well as some of the most popular market solutions at competitive prices.

Have a specific requirement? We will work with you to develop a bespoke solution that works perfectly for you!

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