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Water Treatment

eazy BWT-1 AGK 100Liquitreat+Condensate ControlBoiler water treatment
eazy CWT-DE LiquidewtRocor NB LiquidEngine cooling water treatment
eazy CWT-NN MaxigardCoolTreat ALNitrite-free engine cooling water treatment
eazy MMBD Drewsperse SWDBioguardMarine growth dispersant
eazy Mudsolv-C Mud ConditionerMud & Silt RemoverPrevent mud deposits
eazy VapCare AmeroyalVaptreatEvaporator treatment

Fuel Treatment

eazy ASH Control Amergize / Amergy 5800 PlusFuelPower AshFreeExhaust deposit modifier
eazy Combustion Improver Amergy 1000 / Amergy 5000FuelPower CatalystCombustion catalyst
eazy FOT Amergy 222 / FOTFuelPower ConditionerFuel oil conditioner/stabiliser
eazy MicroTreat Amerstat 25DieselPower MAR 71Microbiocide treatment
eazy Soot Remover-P LT Soot Release / Soot ReleaseFuelPower Soot RemoverEconomiser soot treatment powder
eazy Soot Remover-LDrewclean ESTFuelPower Soot Remover LiquidEconomiser soot treatment liquid


eazy Rust Converter Drewtan RCNo EquivalentRust converter
eazy VCI Liquid No EquivalentNo EquivalentVapour corrosion inhibitor liquid
eazy VCI Powder No EquivalentNo EquivalentVapour corrosion inhibitor powder


eazy ACC ACC-9Air Cooler CleanerAir cooler cleaner
eazy Aquaclean No EquivalentFore & Aft / HP Wash / UniwashWater based detergent
eazy Aquaclean HD Enviromate 2000Aquabreak PX / AquatuffHeavy duty water based deterget
eazy CitraClean Drewfresh 2000EnvirocleanCitrus based detergent
eazy Degreaser O&GR / HDE-777Coldwash HDOil and grease remover
eazy Electric Drew Electric 2000Electrosolv-EElectric and motor parts solvent
eazy Electric Fast DryDrew Electric Fast DryNo EquivalentFast drying solvent
eazy Neutralise No EquivalentNo EquivalentPost-acid neutralising solution
eazy OSE OSD/LTSeacare OSDOil spill emulsifier/dispersant
eazy OWS Cleaner Ameroid OWSCleanbreakQuick breaking degreaser
eazy Safe CR Carbon RemoverCarbon RemoverCarbon removing solvent


eazy Cement Remover-C No EquivalentNo EquivalentCement remover
eazy Descaler Descale-ITDescaling LiquidHCL based descaling liquid
eazy Descaler Plus No EquivalentNo EquivalentNon-Haz descaling acid (requires heat)
eazy Disclean Ameroid DCDiscleanDisc cleaner acid
eazy FreeScale No EquivalentNo EquivalentNon-Haz descaling acid (NEW)
eazy RSR Ameroid RSRMetal BriteRust and rust stain remover
eazy SAFE Acid SAF-AcidDescalexDescaling acid powder

Hygiene & Sanitation

eazy BioKleen No EquivalentGamazyme BTCOrganic toilet cleaner
eazy BioMSC Biotal MDS 2000Gamazyme: FC / BOE / MSCOrganic multisurface cleaner
eazy BioTreat Ameroid MSD-PAKGamazyme: 700FN / DigestorOrganic waste treatment

Tank Cleaning (IMO)

eazy AquaLAC Drew ABDNo EquivalentNaOH based alkaline vegoil cleaner
eazy AquaLAC-P LACAlkleen Liquid / AquatuffKOH based alkaline vegoil cleaner
eazy Aquaclean HD EDGEAlkleen Safety LiquidNon caustic alkaline vegoil cleaner
eazy NBD Drew NBDUnipolNeutral pH / HCF cleaner
eazy Tankwash TC#4Seaclean PlusSolvent based DPP cleaner
eazy Tank Deodoriser Drew AFNo EquivalentAir freshener

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