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eazy Safe CR


Carbon removing solvent

eazy Safe CR carbon remover is used to remove carbonised and baked on deposits typically found on engine parts, valves and burner tips.

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eazy Safe CR is a powerful solvent that has been specifically designed to remove carbonised and baked-on deposits typically found on engine parts, valves and burner tips as well as other components fouled by carbon, varnishes or resins.

Product does not contain cresylic acid and the non-corrosive properties and high flash point make it safe to use.


Product penetrates deposits such as oil, grease and varnish and dissolves them in a short period of time. Insoluble materials such as carbon are sufficiently softened so that they can easily be removed with a water rinse and light scrubbing.


A sufficient amount of product should be placed in a suitable container covering the parts to be cleaned. Smaller parts can be placed in a wire basket.

The parts should be allowed to soak for at least 4 hours or until the deposits are sufficiently dissolved or loosened. Agitation with compressed air will assist the cleaning process.

Parts should then be removed, rinsed with water and then dried with compressed air.

If the parts have carbonized deposits allow them to stand in the solution for 12 to 24 hours, heating to 50 to 60°C until the deposits have loosened sufficiently.

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