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eazy VapCare

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Evaporator treatment

eazy VapCare is a blend of polymers and antifoaming agents used to prevent scale deposition in high and low-pressure evaporators.

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eazy VapCare liquid evaporator treatment is a blend of polymers and antifoaming agents used to prevent scale deposition in both high and low-pressure evaporators.

Product is easily dosed, economical to use and safe for potable water applications.


Product prevents the scale forming minerals in seawater from depositing on the heat transfer areas and impairing the efficiency of the equipment. Gradual removal of low levels of existing scale deposits can also be achieved. The removed solids are held in suspension and as such flushed from the system with the evaporator brine discharge.

The antifoaming properties prevent foaming and any potential carry over.

Use of this product ensures that the operating efficiency of the plant will be maintained for maximum water production.


Product should be diluted with fresh or seawater and fed continuously to the evaporator by means of a dosing pump or flow meter.

The recommended dosage rate for product is 30mls per tonne of water.

Note: eazy Descaler Plus is recommended for the removal of existing high levels of scale prior to commencing the treatment.

Health and Safety
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information.

Limitation of Liability
Eazychem’s standard terms and conditions of sale, available on request, apply and contain limitations on any liability that may be incurred by Eazychem arising in any way from the sale and use of products supplied by Eazychem.

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