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eazy FOT


All in one fuel oil treatment 

eazy FOT fuel oil is a blend of solvents, emulsifiers and detergents for overcoming the challenges of burning residual fuels.

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eazy FOT fuel oil treatment is blend of solvents, emulsifying agents and detergents aimed at handling the challenges of burning residual fuels.

Product is in a convenient liquid form and has many beneficial uses including but not limited to preventing sludge formation, reduced cleaning cost, maximised bunker yield and is easily soluble in all types of fuel.


Product is concentrated and formulated to treat heavy fuel oil in diesel engines and boilers by emulsifying moisture present in fuel and dispersing excess sludge thereby homogenising the fuel for complete combustion.

Product can also be used as an effective cleaner of baked on carbon and sludge deposits, varnishes and wax residues present in residual fuel.


Dosage point location varies depending on the engine / boiler fuel system layout. The most efficient and economical method is obtained with a metering pump, dosing the additive into the suction side of the booster pump (diesel engines) or into the burner feed line (for boilers).

Alternatively, the additive may be dosed directly to the day tank prior to refilling or directly to the bunker tanks.

Dosage rates are dependant upon engine characteristics, operating conditions and the quality of fuel oil.

A CCAI (Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index) number exceeding 840 indicated a poor fuel oil quality which justifies the use of a chemical fuel oil treatment to counteract the effects hereof.

Typical dosage rate varies from 1:2000 to 1:8000 depending on fuel analysis results.

Contact Eazychem for recommendations of the dosage rate based on specific problems and requirements onboard.

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