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eazy BWT Test Kit Complete

Boiler water test kit

eazy BWT Test Kit contains all necessary reagents and equipment to monitor the condition of water in low pressure boilers.

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The eazy BWT-1 Test Kit, packed in a custom moulded case, contains all the necessary reagents and equipment to monitor the condition of water in low pressure boilers.

Tablet and drop count tests provide an extremely simple yet effective method of analysis for an important range of water parameters. These tests are particularly useful for the routine logging and control of boiler water and cooling water systems when used in conjunction with our water treatments.


1 x 4001 – Alkalinity (P) HR Reagent
1 x 4004 – Chloride HR Reagent
1 x 4009 – Sulphite Reagent
1 x 4007 – pH Test Strips 4.5 – 10 (100pcs)
1 x 4008 – pH Test Strips 7 – 14 (100pcs)
1 x Carry case with sample container, test tube, stirrer and measuring syringes.

For replacement reagents please refer to above product codes.


The tests are carried out by taking a measured volume of water and adding one tablet/drop at a time until a prescribed colour change takes place. The result of the test is given by the number of tablets/drops used in relation to the volume of water sample taken. A wide range of test concentrations can be measured by varying the sample size taken of the test.

Refer to specific test instructions contained within the case.

Health and Safety
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information.

Limitation of Liability
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