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eazy CWT-DE


Diesel engine cooling water treatment

eazy CWT-DE is a nitrite based liquid cooling water treatment designed to protect diesel engines from corrosion and hard water scale.

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eazy CWT-DE is an easy to use and effective liquid corrosion inhibitor and treatment for diesel engine cooling water systems, protecting them from corrosion and hard water scale.

Product has no detrimental effects on non-metallic system components such as seals, glands, hoses or gaskets and is compatible with glycol-based antifreeze products.


Product is an effective corrosion inhibitor for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in marine circulating cooling water systems.

Prior to the addition of product sacrificial anodes (e.g. magnesium or zinc) in the cooling system should be removed.

Note: Please contact Eazychem before using this product in systems containing aluminium alloys as product may not be suitable.


Good quality fresh or distilled water should be used to fill the cooling water system. The recommended initial dosage is 10 litres per tonne of system capacity.

The initial treatment should be dosed into a suitable point in the cooling system and circulated for one hour to ensure even distribution. For advice contact Eazychem.

Testing and Control
The correct concentration of product treatment should be maintained using Eazychem cooling water test kits.

Testing should be carried out once per week to ensure that a minimum level of nitrite is maintained. This should be 900 to 1400ppm as nitrite (NO2) and logged onto the control and dosage chart.

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