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eazy MicroTreat

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eazy MicroTreat is a biocide fuel treatment used to eliminate and control bacteria and fungi ‘bugs’ in stored distillate fuel.


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The Problem – Bugs in Fuel?
Light and medium grade fuels are particularly susceptible to microbiological growth as they provide a source of food for bacteria. Additionally, the marine environment provides all the moisture necessary to trigger growth through water contamination during storage or transportation, condensation due to the natural warming and cooling of the tank or from leakage into the bunker tank.

Fuel contamination presents several problems for the operator. They include deposits, corrosion, water emulsification and energy loss. Deposits can occur in tanks, fuels lines, filtration and purification equipment, fuel heaters, and eventually all the way to the fuel injectors of the engine.

These deposits cause blockages and restrictions which affect the fuel handling and delivery system. Corrosion caused by the presence of sulfate reducing bacteria can normally be found on tank bottoms. Sulfate reducing bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide gas and acid conditions which severely corrode metals in the fuel storage system.

The emulsification of water caused by bacteria and fungi is extremely troublesome. In the form of an emulsion it cannot be removed by simple filtration or separating equipment and it can cause poor fuel atomisation and contribute to the breakdown of lubricating oil films. It is therefore essential to establish an effective program to control microbiological contamination.

The Solution – eazy MicroTreat
This product is a concentrated low toxicity micro biocide fuel treatment developed for use in fuel storage systems or tanks for effective control of bacteria and fungi. It will kill a variety of different microbiological contaminants.


Product is effective in water, oil and at the interface between oil and water. The micro organisms are killed by exposure to the biocide and product can be used as a preventative measure or to give an immediate effective cure for contaminated systems. Product prevents corrosion and blockages.


Sterilisation of Lube Oil Systems
After severe contamination, all areas should be cleaned manually to remove sludge and silt. On large engines cleaning with undiluted eazy Degreaser of the casing frame followed by opening and thoroughly cleaning the sumps is strongly recommended. This should be followed by flushing the entire lubricating oil system with flushing oil containing this product.

Sterilisation of Fuel Storage Tanks
If bacteria are suspected, water drawn from the fuel storage tank bottoms should be tested and the bacteria count established. If this is above 105 / ml, there is a good chance that colonisation has taken place throughout the fuel. In which case this product should be dosed directly to the fuel tank prior to bunkering ideally in tanks less than 25% of storage capacity to allow thorough dispersion.

In untreated tanks, a ‘kill dose’ of 1 litre per 2,000 litres of contaminated fuel will be required.

As part of an ongoing maintenance programme, use eazy AutoTreat to disperse any water present in the tanks thus minimizing the potential for further contamination.

Health and Safety
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information.

Limitation of Liability
Eazychem’s standard terms and conditions of sale, available on request, apply and contain limitations on any liability that may be incurred by Eazychem arising in any way from the sale and use of products supplied by Eazychem.

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