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7 chemicals for water treatment on your boat

Aug 26, 2016


Water plays a vital role on board ocean-going vessels, from providing refreshment for crew members to cooling vital components. The quality of this water is an extremely important issue, and it’s one that requires a great deal of attention. Eazychem offer a number of products designed to keep your water wonderful from the start of a voyage right through to the end.

eazy BWT-1

Corrosion in the circuit of a marine boiler can be damaging, dangerous and expensive, so it makes sense to take all the necessary steps to minimise the risk. Inhibiting the build-up of scale formation is key to keeping the circuit corrosion-free, and this can be achieved easily with the use of eazy BWT-1, an effective boiler water treatment.

eazy CWT-DE

The efficiency of any voyage is often determined by the effectiveness of the diesel engine. If corrosion has occurred, the engine will struggle to maintain optimum performance, and that will of course have a gradual effect on the operator’s bottom line. With eazy CWT-DE, your diesel engine is protected from hard water scale as well as corrosion.

eazy CWT-NN

Using a cooling water treatment like eazy CWT-NN brings some much-needed peace of mind to owners and operators. This is one of the most effective chemicals for water treatment on the market, and it helps to inhibit corrosion on vessels of all shapes and sizes. Diesel engines can fall victim to hard water scale, but not when this non-nitrite liquid is applied.

eazy MMBD

The presence of marine growth can have a detrimental effect on the effectiveness of a seawater cooling system, so steps need to be taken to prevent its build-up. By using eazy MMBD, you can ensure build-ups do not occur, thereby enabling the cooling system to perform to the highest standards. This easy to apply seawater dispersant is designed to be dosed on a regular basis.

eazy VapCare

Effective treatment for evaporators is a vital cog in a vessel’s efficiency, so it’s an issue that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Eazy VapCare from Eazychem is a liquid treatment that helps to prevent the build-up of scale. A blend of anti-foaming agents and polymers, it needs to be fed by a flow meter or a dosing pump.

eazy BW Test Kit Complete

Monitoring the effectiveness of water in boiler systems is imperative at sea, and this comprehensive kit contains the necessary components for regular testing, as well as the required reagents and test strips.

eazy CWT Test Kit Complete

Testing the quality of the vessel’s cooling water is extremely important, so our CWT Test Kit is a must-have. Regular testing will help you to monitor the condition of the water on a regular basis.

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