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    eazy MicroTreat

    eazy MicroTreat is a biocide fuel treatment used to eliminate and control bacteria and fungi ‘bugs’ in stored distillate fuel.


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    eazy MMBD

    Marine growth dispersant

    eazy MMBD is liquid seawater dispersant to prevent marine growth adhering to surfaces in seawater cooling systems.

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    eazy Mudsolv-C

    Prevent mud deposits in ballast tanks

    eazy Mudsolv-C is a water treatment to condition, remove and prevent the build up of silt and mud deposits in ballast tanks.

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    eazy Soot Remover-L

    Prevention of soot deposits

    eazy Soot Remover-L is used to prevent soot deposits in exhaust gas boilers at low temperature and consequential corrosion.

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    eazy Soot Remover-P

    Prevention of soot deposits

    eazy Soot Remover-P is a powder based compound of mineral salts, carbon oxidation catalysts and slag modifiers to prevent soot deposits in exhaust gas boilers.

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    eazy VapCare

    Evaporator treatment

    eazy VapCare is a blend of polymers and antifoaming agents used to prevent scale deposition in high and low-pressure evaporators.




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