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eazy Descaler


Hydrochloric acid based descaler (requires heat)

eazy Descaler is an aggressive hydrochloric acid based descaling liquid.

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eazy Descaler is an aggressive liquid descaling acid. It is used for cleaning the surfaces of heat exchangers and other areas where build up of calcium and magnesium salts (scale) occur and impair the efficiency of heat exchangers.

The product contains an inhibitor to limit acid attack of the base metal after the cleaning program has been completed.



Product can be used for general descaling of heat exchangers, boilers, evaporators, coolers and condensers.

The degree and type of the deposits will determine the time required for the descaling programme In general the scale will be removed in 4 to 12 hours.


For moderate cleaning tasks a solution of 10-20% of product should be made up by adding product to fresh water (not the reverse) in a plastic container and then circulated through the equipment to be cleaned.

The process should be repeated as many times as is required for heavily scaled surfaces up to a maximum time of 24 hours.

After cleaning, the system must be completely emptied and then refilled with fresh water to purge it of gas before opening the steam drum door. It is then recommended that a 1 to 2% solution of eazy Neutralise be circulated for 2 to 4 hours to ensure that metal surfaces and any remaining acids are neutralised or once an acceptable pH level is obtained.

Prior to carrying out any cleaning programme, sacrificial anodes (if present) should be removed and the system sufficiently vented to atmosphere at all times. All ventilation arrangements must be unobstructed throughout the entire cleaning process. As it is extremely likely that potentially explosive gas will be produced, it is recommended that boiler ventilation terminals are tested for the presence of hydrogen.

Product must not be used on tin, aluminium, zinc or galvanised metal surfaces.

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