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eazy Refrigeration Recovery/Recycling Package

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Complete refrigerant recovery with zero emissions

eazy Refrigeration Recovery/Recycling Package ensures no ozone depleting substances are released during the maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment as well as cleaning the refrigeration from contaminants such as oil, moisture and solids.

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In accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency the venting to atmosphere of all Class I and Class II ozone depleting substances (CFC/HFC) is strictly prohibited under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. The knowing release of such refrigerants during the maintenance, service and repair of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment is illegal and can result in fines for owners and operators. Deliveries of refrigerants are regarded as domestic goods, even when destined for a vessel, therefore local regulations prevail.


To comply with US, EU and other regulations, Eazychem is able to offer a complete refrigeration recovery package that satisfies these requirements.

Cost benefits can also include lower refrigerant purchasing and the reduced need of using 3rd party contractors to carry out recovery during maintenance or repair.



Recovery & Recycling Unit
Eazychem introduces its latest complete marine recovery system. It is compact, lightweight and works with all refrigerants. This innovative unit offers a state of the art 1/2 hp oil-less compressor with a built-in high volume cooling fan delivering maximum cooling efficiency thus keeping the compressor working at high capacity in even the warmest climates.

The compressor is protected by an automatic low pressure cut-off switch that shuts off the unit once the recovery process is complete. This feature eliminates the risk of compressor failure and reduces the user’s need to monitor the entire recovery process.
The unit conforms to United States SAE standard SA8492 which lays out the requirement for purification and clarity of recycling equipment as follows:

  1. Oil content less than 4000ppm – our recycling unit is as low as 67.3ppm
  2. Non condensables less than 330ppm – our recycling unit is as low as 22.2ppm
  3. Moisture content less than 15ppm – our recycling unit is as low as 3.7ppm

Recovery Cylinder: Refillable cylinder for storing recovered refrigerant during maintenance and repair.

Electronic Charging Scale: To avoid overfilling, this 110kg capacity scale has an audible alarm to indicate when the recovery cylinder is approaching its rated capacity.

Electronic/UV Leak Detector: A revolutionary portable unit offering both electronic and UV technology to detect leaks as small as 3g per year.

Vacuum Pump: An essential item to remove moisture and non-condensable gases.

Vacuum Gauge, Digital: Required to ascertain whether vacuum has been achieved and thus a useful tool for determining whether a system is leak-tight.

4-Way Manifold: Necessary to visually monitor system charging. Includes 3/8” bore to increase flow, 3 x1/4” and 1 x 3/8” colour coded hoses and ball valves.

Carry Case: A quality heavy duty case to safely store all items in one convenient location.

Health and Safety
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information.

Limitation of Liability
Eazychem’s standard terms and conditions of sale, available on request, apply and contain limitations on any liability that may be incurred by Eazychem arising in any way from the sale and use of products supplied by Eazychem.

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