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Tips for using a rust converter

Oct 3, 2016


Prolonging the working life of a vessel is vital for owners and operators to remain profitable, so it makes sound economic sense to do all they can to protect their investment. The application of a top quality rust converter is therefore a must-have, because it will help to keep the bottom line on the right side of successful.

Perhaps the key to preventing the spread of rust is to neutralise corrosion, and you can do just that with eazy Rust Converter, a simple to use application that works exceptionally well on ferrous metal surfaces. For marine operations which are already running on slim margins, this product represents something of a godsend.

A rust converter which is extremely versatile

While the eazy Rust Converter has one main purpose, it can of course be used on metal surfaces in a number of different locations, including:

  • Staircases
  • Handrails
  • Tanks
  • Walls
  • Pipes

…and many more.

Preparing to apply eazy Rust Converter

Loose and flaking rust needs to be removed, although it should be pointed out that the product is designed to be used on surfaces which have already rusted. It should then adhere to existing rust and seal it from then on. The product won’t penetrate oil or grease deposits, so these need to be cleaned prior to application.

Once the surface has been allowed to dry, eazy Rust Converter can then be applied. The liquid needs to be transferred into a non-metallic container, then applied via a brush or specialist application equipment. If there are any spillages, they need to be cleaned up with cold water or a suitable detergent.

The coverage and protection that all vessels need

Two coats of eazy Rust Converter will usually be sufficient for vessels which remain close to coastlines, but those which travel further afield will need three coats to cope with the more corrosive environment. It acts as an effective primer should layers of paint need to be applied over the product.

Every owner and operator knows all about the need to prolong the life of vessels, with the same principles applying to surfaces as to moving parts in engines, boilers and elsewhere. Treating and maintaining all areas of the vessel will help to keep it in operation and to avoid expensive downtime. The use of eazy Rust Converter represents a commitment to ensuring every voyage remains as cost-effective and as profitable as possible.

Asset protection is a vital issue for owners, especially in a market in which margins are often razor-thin. Containing the corrosion in an effective manner can provide a viable alternative to expensive coatings that can prove to be simply too costly. Keeping vessels at sea instead of laid up is a must, of course.

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