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The importance of marine fuel treatment

Nov 6, 2015

marine fuel treatment

Any ocean-going operation needs to be as efficient and as cost-effective as possible in order to compete these days, and that’s why marine fuel treatment is such an important issue. If the fuel, and the components that it passes through, are not performing to the best of their ability then serious problems can soon occur, and these are issues which can cause expensive, time-consuming damage.

If you think of a vessel as a living entity, the fuel, which provides its power, is effectively its blood. It needs to be treated with care on every voyage, and that means owners and operators should be utilising the latest technology to keep things running smoothly.

Products designed to eliminate and control bacteria, to prevent sooty deposits and to burn residual fuels are therefore a must-have. Effective marine fuel treatment comes in many forms, so make sure your vessel is protected at all times.

Avoid engine deterioration

If your marine fuel treatment isn’t of the highest standard, you are likely to have problems in the engine. These can include worn piston rings and grooves, damaged cylinder liners and under-performing fuel injection valves.

Maintain correct engine temperatures

Any fouling within some mechanisms of the vessel’s engine can have a detrimental effect on the temperature, and this will reduce efficiency and encourage breakdown. Sensible marine fuel treatment can help to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

Stop encouraging harmful build-ups

If your marine fuel remains untreated, the system itself is likely to suffer problems caused by a build-up of impurities. This can cause havoc on even the most efficient engines, because they can contain rust, sand, water and specks of dust.

Maintain fuel stability

Over a period of time, water, oxygen, light and heat can cause harmful chemical reactions in untreated fuel. The resultant unstable molecules can lead to a number of problems, including poor starting, smoky exhausts and even regular stalling.

Remain regulation-compliant

National and international regulations are strictly enforced because of the need for safer and cleaner engines. It’s imperative for owners and operators to remain within the law at all times.

Peace of mind comes from effective marine fuel treatment

Eazychem has a range of top quality marine fuel treatment products designed to increase efficiency and to inspire confidence in your fuel system. These include all-in-one fuel oil treatments, combustion improvers, soot removers and biocide fuel treatments.

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