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Protect your cooling water systems from corrosion

Apr 28, 2016

Owners and operators of all commercial vessels know that the secret to a profitable operation lies in the efficiency of each voyage. This is a sector of industry which has become increasingly competitive in recent years, so it’s vitally important for every aspect of process to be examined, monitored and, if necessary, altered.

Utilising a state of the art cooling water treatment is a must on vessels of all shapes and sizes. Badly maintained cooling systems can lead to severe corrosion, which can cause damage that could cost a small fortune to rectify. This is an issue which owners and operators simply cannot afford to ignore.


There are several reasons why cooling water treatment needs to be at the top of the agenda on board vessels, including:

  • Maximise revenue by increasing efficiency
  • Keep running costs down
  • Reduce energy loss
  • Maintain a more environmentally friendly operation
  • Lessen the risk of mechanical breakdown

Effective cooling water treatment is vital

One of the most important aspects of using a cooling water treatment is the need for breaking down hard water in the system. By using a liquid corrosion inhibitor as and when required, owners can ensure their vessels are protected against one of the most damaging aspects of maritime life.

It’s worth remembering that a cooling water system on board any vessel has to carry out a great deal of work during any voyage. It has to run for long periods at a time, and will have to cope with a number of impurities that can appear at any point. That’s why every ship and fixed platform needs a reliable and effective cooling water treatment.

It’s important for trained crew members to monitor the quality and condition of the cooling water system on a regular basis, and to use a treatment that will help to maintain efficiency at the highest possible levels. Here at EazyChem, we offer top quality cooling water treatment options, including treatments like the eazy CWT-DE and  testing kits for different types of engines and cooling systems.

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