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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance Products

  • eazy FreeScale


    Non-Haz descaling acid (no heat required)

    eazy FreeScale our most powerful non-hazardous descaling acid that is as effective as hydrochloric acid in removing mineral scale.

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  • eazy NBD


    Neutral pH / HCF tank cleaner

    eazy NBD is a detergent typically required when caustic based cleaner cannot be used or for cleaning up after gasoil cargoes.

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  • eazy Neutralise


    Post-acid neutralising solution

    eazy Neutralise is a highly alkaline liquid to neutralise metal surfaces and waste acid after descaling.

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  • eazy OSE


    Oil spill emulsifier / dispersant

    eazy OSE is a low toxic and biodegradable oil spill dispersant with high oil dispersing efficiency.

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  • eazy OWS Cleaner


    Quick breaking solvent degreaser

    eazy OWS Cleaner quick breaking degreaser is an emulsifying cleaner for use in conjunction with oily water separators.

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  • eazy Potable Water Test Kit


    Ensure safe drinking water

    Access to safe drinking water is vital on land, of course, but at sea it can be even more crucial. With our high quality eazy Potable Water Test kit, you can be sure that crew members, employees, contractors and passengers are able to rely on adequate supplies of hygienic drinking water at all times.

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  • eazy RSR


    Rust and rust stain remover and metal brightener

    eazy RSR is a liquid blend of acids and emulsifiers ideally suited for removing rust from metals as well as tank deposits.

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  • eazy Rust Converter


    Rust converter

    eazy Rust Converter is a liquid specially formulated to neutralise corrosion on previously rusted metal surfaces.

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