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The benefits of using a rust converter

Apr 7, 2016

The maritime industry has become more and more competitive in recent times, and this has led to owners and operators seeking ways to cut spending without compromising on efficiency. One of the best ways to keep spending to a minimum is by making sure maintenance is used as a prevention rather than a cure.

The use of a reliable rust converter for ships will ensure damage to ferrous metal surfaces is halted, the rust is converted into a tough coating that is designed to withstand any further damage. Such an asset should be a must-have for both ocean-going vessels and fixed platforms.

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The many benefits for those who utilise a rust converter 

There are a number of advantages to using a good quality rust converter for ships, so it makes sense to invest in one immediately. The benefits include:

  • Saving money on costly repair bills
  • Establishing a solid base for future efficiency
  • Fewer spells of expensive downtime
  • The elimination of harmful surface cracks and pits
  • A sustainable solution to corrosion issues

Owners who have had to pay for repairs in the past will know just how damaging they can be to the profit margins. Those who didn’t invest in a good quality rust converter for ships will soon regret their decision if the damaged ferrous metal surfaces lead to unexpected downtime.

By smoothing out the corroded surfaces, the rust converter can prevent further problems caused by deep fissures and pits that may be a result of untreated corrosion.

Since the recent drop in global oil prices, owners and operators of vessels and platforms in the oil and gas sector have been increasingly interested in keeping their spending in check. The small outlay required for the best rust converter for ships and platforms surely means everyone in the industry should be looking to make a purchase.

As well as providing the protection for ferrous metal surfaces, eazy Rust Converter from Eazychem can provide the perfect primer base for a number of coverings, including oil-based paints and synthetic resin lacquers.

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