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How to achieve perfect oil storage tank cleaning results

Feb 8, 2016

Regular oil storage tank cleaning is a vital factor in maintaining clean and efficient systems on-board vessels, but it’s a complex process which brings with it many great potential difficulties. To efficiently give a thorough cleanse, skilled and experienced personnel need to make use of a number of highly specialised cleaning materials.

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Given that accessing the tank itself can be problematic, the more thorough the cleaning process is, the better it will be for all concerned. There are several issues which need to be taken into consideration when doing so, this includes:

  • The need to maintain an operation that sticks to health and safety regulations.
  • The potential for slips, trips and falls in such an unpredictable environment.
  • The presence of harmful chemicals and substances.
  • The possibility of dangerous fibres, dust and impurities.
  • The dangers caused by flammable materials in enclosed spaces.

How to be sure the cleaning process is thorough

Once the right steps have been taken in regard to providing a safe working environment, the team can focus on providing as thorough a cleansing process as possible. There are some extremely difficult materials to deal with when starting an oil storage tank cleaning operation, and that’s why specialist materials are a must.

Ships tend to use heavy fuel oil, which leaves a number of deposits on the inside of the tanks. These deposits are often so entrenched they become almost part of the tank floor or wall, and they then require specialised detergents to ensure effective removal every time.

Achieving the results you want

Oil storage tank cleaning is a highly specialised operation which requires a combination of skilled professionals, safe processes and effective state of the art materials. This is a job that needs to be done on a regular basis, so make sure you are doing it right every time.

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