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Ballast Water Test Kit’s are vital to your ship’s health

Jul 25, 2016


Everyone who works in the maritime industry is all too aware of the importance of ballast water on vessels, and how vital it is for all ships to maintain and conduct a safe, effective ballast water exchange as and when necessary. This is a hugely important issue, and it’s one that needs to be thoroughly understood by all concerned.

Why does ballast water need to be tested?

The safe exchange of ballast water when loading and unloading cargo is a must, of course, because without it a vessel can list and possibly even sink completely. The shipping industry relies on the efficient exchange of ballast water, but it should be noted that this water, often carried from one part of the world to another, can cause a number of major problems.

Water that is held in ballast tanks can contain a variety of potential dangers, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Microbes
  • Eggs
  • Cysts
  • Larvae
  • Invertebrates

…and more.

A ballast water test kit brings some much-needed peace of mind

Regular, accurate testing of ballast water is a legal requirement these days, and the IMO regulations are very stringent. Owners and operators have a responsibility to the continuing quality of local ecosystems and to the surrounding marine life, and the introduction of various problems via ballast water exchange is to be avoided at all costs.

Eazychem supply an accurate, effective ballast water test kit that will remove the guesswork right from the start. Because of the legal ramifications, this is an issue that needs to be given the utmost importance, so regular testing is a must for owners of any vessel which exchanges ballast water at any time.

Be aware of your responsibilities

You have a legal responsibility to ensure ballast water tanks are correctly maintained, and failure to do so can lead to hefty penalties for all concerned. Poor maintenance can encourage the growth of bacteria and an increase in the numbers of dangerous microbes, so testing on a regular basis will serve as an early warning system for owners and operators alike.

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