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The importance of monitoring your vessel’s waste systems

Dec 8, 2015

Every ocean-going vessel needs to ensure that discharged sewage will not be hazardous to the wildlife and the eco-systems of the local area. In every coastal nation, there will be legislation in place to protect our fragile natural resources, and this can change from one country to another.

Sewage effluent test kit

Because of this diversity in legal standards, a sewage effluent test kit is a must-have. There are very serious implications lying in wait for those who fall foul of the law, even if they did so accidentally. Sewage can be a major health hazard, of course, and it can also lead to oxygen depletion.

Don’t let your operation take any chances

A recent case involving one of our clients highlighted the need to remain within the law at all times. Unable to provide a suitable sewage effluent test kit, they were therefore deemed to be incapable of ensuring their discharged sewage met the required standards. We supplied a test kit very quickly, but such an issue could easily have been avoided.

Serious repercussions can result from non-compliance

It should be noted that vessels which cannot guarantee harmless sewage discharges can face a number of punishments, including:

  • Vessel detention in port
  • Hefty fines
  • Refusal of entry into port
  • Imprisonment of owners and operators

Legislation and punishments can differ greatly in various parts of the world, so it’s best to do all you can to ensure compliance. The acquisition of an effective sewage effluent test kit should be a top priority.

Be aware of the maritime regulations

There are, perhaps understandably, a number of pieces of legislation in place to protect our seas, and operators need to be aware of all of them. They include MEPC.2(VI), which came into force in 1976. Later requirements were laid down via MEPC.115(51) in 2008 and MEPC.159(55) in 2010. More legislation, which applies to newly-built vessels, will come into effect in early 2016.

Given the fact that port authorities can carry out random testing at any given time, it makes no sense at all to gamble with a vessel’s ability to operate. Therefore, a good quality sewage effluent test kit should be at the top of the shopping list.


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