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Are the tank cleaning products you use IMO approved?

Jul 12, 2016


Tank cleaning products are so important to the life of a tank. Carrying out effective tank cleaning operations is a must in the maritime industry, of course, and it’s vital for operators to use the right products at the right time. This is a procedure in which cutting corners should never be an option, because failure to do the job properly can be dangerous, damaging and expensive.

Always use pre-approved products

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) offers strict guidelines about the methods we utilise to clean tanks and the products which are used during the various processes. Whether you’re operating a single vessel or a large fleet, you need to be aware of the legal implications of making the wrong decisions.

In order to carry out effective tank cleaning in a safe and efficient manner, you need to remember a variety of issues, including:

  • Always ensure operators use safety equipment and protective clothing
  • Make sure tanks are tested for gases before entering
  • All areas need to be illuminated properly
  • Remain in contact with cleaners during the process
  • Take extra care when handling chemicals
  • Remember different types of tank may require different cleaning materials

It’s not just about the cleaning

It’s vital for owners and operators to use IMO approved tank cleaning materials at all times, in part because the disposal of these materials needs to be carried out in a safe and effective manner. Incorrect disposal at sea will leave your organisation open to serious charges which could involve major penalties.

Safety has to be the top priority

Tank cleaning, by its very nature, can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous occupation, so it’s vital for all owners and operators to ensure the highest possible safety standards. Effective training, strict adherence to the rules and the finest cleaning products will help to ensure the job is done correctly at all times.

Here at Eazychem, we offer a range of IMO approved tank cleaning products, enabling your organisation to remain compliant whenever a tank is cleaned. The IMO sets high standards for such products, so you can enjoy peace of mind whenever they are in use.

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