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Take positive action to beat corrosion & protect assets

May 26, 2016

Corrosion can cause a significant amount of damage in no time at all, as any operators of ocean-going vessels know to their cost. Asset protection is a subject that should be at the top of every agenda, but it seems there are some people in the industry who don’t take it as seriously as they should.

Corrosion inhibitor chemicals

One look at the damage that can be caused should be enough to convince everyone of the need for effective corrosion inhibitor chemicals. Here at Eazychem, we supply an impressive range of products which can keep corrosion at bay, whether it’s to be found on vessels or on fixed platforms.

There are several ways to control corrosion, including:

  • Isolation of metal via painting
  • Making the metal passive
  • Altering the pH values by dosing
  • Changing the potential of the metal
  • Using a material more corrosion-resistant

Inactivity doesn’t prevent corrosion

In recent times, a growing number of vessels have endured periods of inactivity due to a number of factors. Chief among them is the current economic situation; lower oil prices have led to even greater competition in an already competitive industry, and that has led to a greater number of vessels remaining in dock for longer periods of time.

Needless to say, the condition of any vessel can deteriorate just as quickly in dock as it can at sea. If the owner or operator doesn’t utilise the most reliable corrosion inhibitor chemicals, the effects can be dramatic. Unfortunately, the effects can also prove to be expensive, thanks to the costs of running repairs, preventative maintenance and the inevitable downtime.

If your vessel has been inactive for a few weeks or perhaps even a few months its assets are vulnerable, the last thing you need is downtime just when it’s intended to be put to sea. Reliable, effective corrosion inhibitor chemicals are a must-have, because they are inexpensive to buy and simple to use. Keeping moisture and steel apart from each other is an impossibility in practical terms, so steps need to be taken to ensure their interaction is not as damaging as it could be.

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