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ballast water management

Ship operators who ignore or have yet to implement a ballast water management plan would be advised to do so as a matter of priority.

The authorities are clearly not taking kindly to owners who have been slow off the mark or who have turned a blind eye to creating a plan for their vessels.

As an example, during a routine port inspection, the US Coast Guard fined a bulker $5000 for an unauthorized ballast water discharge into the Willamette River in Portland. http://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/228011/uscg-fines-bulker-for-unapproved-ballast-water-discharge-in-willamette-river/

The impact of ballast water being pumped into the oceans of the world over a period of years has been devastating on marine life. Blame has largely fallen on the global shipping industry, for placing fragile ecosystems under threat from invasive new aquatic pathogens and viruses.

It has been in response to this outcry, that the Ballast Water Management Convention was finally ratified this September.


Under the terms of the Convention, all ships in international traffic must manage their ballast water and sediments to an agreed standard, according to the ship-specific ballast water management plan.

It requires every vessel to carry a ballast water record book and an International Ballast Water Management Certificate (IBWMC).

At Eazychem, we can help owners and operators take the necessary steps to be compliant.

The first thing is to create a ballast water management plan. Part of that process is purchasing a ballast test water kit to monitor and test for any invasive aquatic species that may be present in your ballast water.

To assist, we have developed the eazy Ballast Water Test Kit. The kit, for which we have seen a large uptake of orders in recent weeks, is both accurate and reliable. It is designed to help users to remain compliant with all the latest legislation that’s now in operation.

From an environmental perspective, we are pleased to play a full and active part in helping to keep our oceans clean and safe, whilst ensuring that ship owners can go about their daily business within the guidelines of the latest legislation.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that there will be no let up from authorities worldwide in enforcing the Ballast Water Management Plan.

For anyone who has yet to comply, the question is, can you afford the size of fine handed out by the USCG?

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. We know our business and we would love to hear about yours. Get in touch below.

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