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Remove rust from your vessel’s tanks

Jul 11, 2017

vessel tank cleaning

In previous years, rust has been the cause of major headaches for vessel owners and operators in all parts of the world. In many ways, it’s something of a silent assassin that, if left untreated, will gradually get worse and worse. In the end, its very presence can lead to expensive downtime as vessels undergo remedial maintenance. Every missed voyage represents a significant loss of income.

In most cases, the problem comes from not having a regular cleaning schedule that is adhered to at all times. There are a number of excellent products on the market which can help to prevent the build-up of rust, but if they aren’t used on a regular basis a bad situation will only deteriorate even further. By that stage, vessel tank cleaning will have become crucial.

Be aware of the stages of rust and corrosion

The build-up of rust goes through a number of stages, each more damaging than the last. The signs of each stage are:

  • Slight bubbling on painted or coated metal surfaces
  • Surface metal starts to appear powdered or granular
  • Metal becomes unsound and small pinholes begin to show
  • Advanced corrosion starts to create larger holes

Needless to say, regular, effective action is needed, especially in the potentially unpredictable environment of vessel tanks. Eazy RSR is the perfect addition to any vessel tank cleaning programme because it’s easy to apply, it removes harmful deposits and it leaves tanks looking ultra-clean. It’s also approved by the International Maritime Organisation.

Correct application will lead to a higher standard of vessel tank cleaning

For use in tanks, it should be recirculated with a solution of between five and ten per cent, although severe damage may require a stronger solution. Any existing rust deposits should be removed prior to application, and oil and grease should be cleaned away. For best results, the product needs at least 15 minutes to penetrate the area.

Once the eazy RSR has been applied and allowed to work, a thorough flushing with fresh water is required. The product is a blend of acids and emulsifiers which has been developed specifically for the marine sector. As well as removing rust, it will also work on a variety of tank deposits. By using this in the vessel tank cleaning process, you will help to keep your prized assets working at their most efficient and effective levels.

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