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    eazy BioKleen

    Organic toilet cleaner

    eazy BioKleen is a blend of natural microbes combined with surfactants and perfume to digest oils, greases and other organic matter.

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    eazy BioMSC

    Organic multi-purpose cleaner

    eazy BioMSC is a blend of natural microbes combined with surfactants and perfume formulated to prevent the build up of uric acid scale in vacuum toilet systems.

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    eazy BioTreat

    Organic waste treatment

    eazy BioTreat is a concentrated organic waste treatment designed to maintain the efficiency of marine sanitation systems.

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    eazy Potable Water Test Kit

    Access to safe drinking water is vital on land, of course, but at sea it can be even more crucial. With our high quality eazy Potable Water Test kit, you can be sure that crew members, employees, contractors and passengers are able to rely on adequate supplies of hygienic drinking water at all times.

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    eazy Sewage Effluent Test Kit

    As any vessel operator will already know, marine sewage treatment is a hugely important issue, and it’s one which is bound by a number of complex maritime regulations. The way a ship installation is allowed to process and dispose of sewage can vary from region to region, and because of this the operator needs to ensure high standards are always maintained.








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