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Preventative maintenance is better than cure

Dec 19, 2016


When it comes to maintenance, every owner and operator in the maritime industry faces a choice, and to put it simply, they have to either take the sensible approach or leave things to fate. There are a number of high quality marine cleaning products on the market these days, and using them on a regular basis can eliminate the need to deal with expensive vessel repairs at a later date.

The old adage that prevention is better than cure is particularly appropriate for those in charge of ocean-going vessels and fixed offshore platforms. Owners and operators can do nothing and hope their luck holds out, or they can spend a relatively small sum of money in order to carry out minor treatments that will prevent long-term damage later on.

Marine cleaning products can save you a fortune in the long term

There are so many good reasons to incorporate a preventative maintenance programme, including:

  • Fewer major breakdowns
  • Less downtime
  • More efficient operations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint

Marine cleaning products to make life easier for all

Eazychem supply a range of top quality marine cleaning products to owners of everything from individual vessels to large fleets. They help to keep areas, components and machinery clean, free of contaminants and working properly. Eazy BioMSC is designed to prevent the build-up of scale, and it will assist in the breakdown of greases, fats and organic waste.

Eazy BioKleen is a non-toxic organic toilet cleaner, and it will enable the flushing of solids without leaving behind nasty odours and build-ups of grease. It reduces or removes the need for hazardous chemicals and it’s suitable for a number of applications. It’s a strong and effective cleaner for toilets and washrooms on vessels of all sizes, and, crucial for vessels which travel to a variety of regions, it can be used with both hard and soft water.

Marine sanitation systems need to operate to the highest possible standard in order to provide the required standards for hygiene, so Eazy BioTreat is a must-have. It’s a concentrated waste treatment which has been designed to promote the disintegration of fat, grease and a number of other organic materials which can cause damage if left undisturbed.

Regular usage of these products will help to prevent further damage in the future, damage which could prove expensive to repair in terms of cost and downtime. Margins in the maritime industry are often extremely thin these days, so it’s important to do all that can be done to avoid lengthy, expensive issues which could have been avoided.

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