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Oil storage tank cleaning is an absolute must

Sep 24, 2015

An efficient oil system can lead to greater performance levels and fewer mechanical problems over time. Because of this, operators of all ocean-going vessels need to be doing all they can to make oil storage tank cleaning a top priority.


Prevent harmful build-ups

Oil can form wax particles over time, and these can cause major damage to your systems. They attach themselves to interior walls and attract further debris over a period of time.

Avoid further contamination

Without effective oil storage tank cleaning, there will be an increasingly harmful level of sludge in your oil. This is caused by dirt, gums and resins that eventually harden to a damaging mass. Once it forms, it becomes difficult to remove.

Keep costs to a minimum

As further contamination continues, so the amount of usable oil in your system decreases. Topping up oil levels can be expensive, especially when compared to the relatively low cost of effective oil storage tank cleaning.

Prevent mechanical damage

If contaminated oil is coursing through your vessel’s system, it can cause a great deal of damage to various moving parts. If something goes seriously wrong and the vessel has to be taken out of action for repairs, the cost can be worryingly high.

Maintain an efficient operation

In the ultra-competitive world of the marine industry, it’s vital for vessels to be as efficient as possible. By implementing an effective oil storage tank cleaning regime, each voyage can be as time-efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Be kinder to the environment

A vessel that is operating below potential is going to be less eco-friendly, and this is an important issue in a more green-aware world. Efficient usage of oil can make a major difference, so oil storage tank cleaning needs to be at the top of the agenda.

Make the difference

There are so many benefits to a cleaner oil storage tank, including lower costs, a smoother operation, reduced maintenance, improved environmental performance and even a reduction in unpleasant smells aboard the vessel.

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