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Cleaning up after maritime oil spills

Jun 8, 2016

There are few issues which cause environmentalists more concern than maritime oil spills, in part because the clean-up operations can cover such a wide area. A recent potential environmental disaster, the latest in a long list, occurred off the coast of Penang in Malaysia, and the serious spillage led to a very intensive damage limitation operation.

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Any individual or organisation which has been involved in clean-ups in the past will know all about the importance of acting quickly. The leak itself has to be halted, of course, and the spillage needs to be isolated before it affects larger areas of land, sea and wildlife. Once these have been done, it will be time to focus on the effectiveness of the various marine cleaning products which need to be deployed.

Oil dispersal is simpler with Eazy OSE

One of the most impressive of all the marine cleaning products on the market, Eazychem’s Eazy OSE is extremely efficient at dispersing oil spillages. It offers a cost-effective way of converting hydrocarbons into fine emulsions, preventing potential long-term disasters in the process.

Everyone in the marine industry needs to do all they can to ensure small spillages don’t turn into headline-making incidents. There have been a number of disasters over the years, including:

  • Amoco Cadiz (1978)
  • Nowruz Oil Field (1983)
  • Atlantic Empress (1979)
  • Torrey Canyon (1967)
  • Gulf of Mexico (2010)
  • Sea Empress (1996)

There have been many more, of course, and each incident serves as a reminder of the importance of handling oil in the correct manner.

Be sure to have the best marine cleaning products available

While we all hope to avoid potential issues, we need to be ready should the worst-case scenario occur. Here at Eazychem, we can provide a wide range of oil spill equipment to our customers, so it’s easy for all vessels to have access to the most effective marine cleaning products.

There are several methods which can be used to clean oil spills at sea. They include containment, skimming, large absorbent sponges called sorbents, burning and dispersants. Which option is used will depend on the type of spillage and the location in which it occurs. One thing is for sure: expert help and the very best marine cleaning products will be needed from the moment it’s discovered. Not acting quickly enough can result in an environmental disaster on a very large scale.

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