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How waste handling equipment can help your vessel

Nov 16, 2015

In recent years, we have all become more accustomed to the need to be kinder to the environment, and this is just as important at sea as it is on land. It’s illegal to throw any trash into the ocean or into our rivers, and because of this, owners and operators of vessels need to provide on-board solutions to waste management.

waste handling equipment

Remember your responsibilities

The vast majority of commercial vehicles suffer from a lack of space on voyages, so the presence of waste handling equipment can be something of a sore subject. It’s one that needs to be dealt with, however, because the regulations are rightly strict about the need for ships to bring their waste items back with them.

Space is an issue, but it can be overcome

Eazychem supply an effective waste compactor that doesn’t take up a great deal of space, and is therefore ideal for the maritime industry. Ships of all shapes and sizes are often extremely congested, but this is a reliable piece of waste handling equipment which remains unobtrusive on all voyages.

Compacting waste saves space and time

Storing waste on board vessels can be time-consuming and will often lead to more problems thanks to a reduction in available space. Instead of simply putting items such as cardboard, plastic and paper to one side, compacting them during the voyage will prove to be far more practical.

Do your bit for the environment

Owners and operators in the marine sector have become increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities in recent times, and they are all too aware of the effects of their actions. Using effective waste handling equipment at sea will help to reduce the carbon footprint, will make a positive contribution to the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan and help to comply with current legislation.

Make every voyage a more profitable one

At the end of every voyage, the waste collection and disposal costs need to be taken into consideration, and these can soon mount up. If you have on-board waste handling equipment that can compact a range of materials, your outlay will be far less. By segregating compacted waste, you can also make disposal a speedier and more efficient operation, and you will be able to increase your revenue stream via the recycling of some of the more valuable materials such as aluminium.

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