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How fuel oil treatment can keep your vessel going for longer

Jan 23, 2017


The engine provides the heartbeat of any maritime voyage, but this crucial facility can only be as effective as the fuel that powers it. Unfortunately, a number of things can go wrong if the fuel oil isn’t treated properly, and these can inevitably lead to unwanted and unexpected downtime. Here at Eazychem, we provide a range of products designed to keep your operation efficient, effective and constantly in use. Here are some examples from our extensive selection.

eazy ASH control

Deposits in slow and medium speed engines have the potential to cause major problems, but this simple to use product can prevent the build-up of corrosion with ease. It’s particularly useful in minimising the risk posed by deposits in valve seats and on turbocharger blades.

eazy Combustion Improver

Designed for diesel engines and boilers, eazy Combustion Improver also acts as a carbon catalyst, ash deposits modifier and smoke suppressant. A liquid that contains solvents, emulsion breakers and anti-corrosive agents, it will dramatically reduce the build-up of carbon in combustion zones.

eazy FOT

This highly adaptable fuel oil treatment performs a number of important roles, including the prevention of sludge formation and the emulsification of moisture. It can be dosed directly or, for more effective usage, via a metering pump. It’s the ideal product for dealing with the challenges of burning residual fuels.

eazy MicroTreat

Some fuels provide a food source for bacteria, the growth of which can cause significant damage if left untreated. Contamination can lead to harmful deposits, corrosion and the loss of energy, but eazy MicroTreat will help to control bacteria and fungi in the most effective manner.

eazy Soot Remover-L

Thermal efficiency is vital for the effective performance of exhaust gas boilers, so it’s important to keep soot deposits under control. This concentrated liquid product will bring you the peace of mind you need by eliminating the need for boiler shutdowns, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your operation.

eazy Soot Remover-P

Cold end corrosion in a boiler system will reduce efficiency and, over a period of time, will lead to a greater potential for damage. Eazy Soot Remover-P is a powder compound that helps to prevent the build-up of soot deposits. It contains mineral salts, carbon oxidation catalysts and slag modifiers.

Problems caused by fuel oil can cause a number of major problems for vessels, and of course these can prove costly to the budget and damaging to the reputation. In December 2016, a bulk tanker developed a major engine malfunction in Turkey’s busy Bosphorus Strait, resulting in an extremely expensive repair bill. With our range of fuel oil treatment options, such an issue can be avoided.

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