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Fire-Fighting Foam Test Kits – be safe and legally compliant

Aug 5, 2015

With the majority of international safety organisations requiring at least annual testing of the foam in fire extinguishers, you simply can’t afford not to carry out these straightforward, yet essential inspections.

foam test kits

 Remain safe

Completed for both safety and legal reasons, our easy, quick and accurate foam test kits check the quality of the foam in the extinguishers to ensure it is in optimum condition.

 Ensure compliance

As well as the safety implications, there are also strict legal requirements for the maintenance of the extinguishers – with checks needing to be carried out on an annual basis. In harsher conditions, such as on-board ships, terminals, offshore platforms and airports, extinguishers should be monitored for any signs of deterioration and tested more regularly.

 Endorsed by the experts

The use of Foam Test Kits is endorsed by fire-fighters, who agree that regular testing is a legal requirement and ensures that your extinguisher will be ready to cope with an emergency should the worst happen.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says, “At least annually an inspection shall be made of foam concentrates and their tanks or storage containers for evidence of excessive sludging or deterioration. Samples of concentrates shall be sent to the manufacturer or qualified laboratory for quality condition testing.”

NFPA 11, 2010

 Who uses our kits?

Our Foam Test Kits are supplied to ships, offshore platforms and a number of major organisations around the globe, who know that they can count on us to provide maximum quality products, service, distribution and customer support.

Increasingly, we are seen as the preferred supplier to the global maritime and offshore community, giving you added peace of mind that you are partnering with an industry expert.

 Arrange testing

We provide testing for low, medium and high-expansion foam fire-fighting products – all run to EN 1568 and ISO 7203 Standard specifications.

Our stress-free testing is easy to arrange, with prompt fire foam test results and reports – ensuring that you are safe and legally compliant at all times.

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