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Eazychem attend the London Maritime IMPA Event

Oct 5, 2015

The recent London Maritime IMPA Event was an important trade show which featured a number of impressive products and services aimed at making the maritime industry safer, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. Organised by the International Marine Purchasing Association, it’s a high profile event that attracts delegates from all over the world.

IMPA Event

A vital showcase for vital products

Eazychem were delighted to be involved in this important show, and were especially pleased to make contact with many of the industry specialists who were in attendance. Networking on such a scale is vital for the expansion of our business, and for spreading the word about the products we supply.

Equipment that can make a REAL difference

Our Eazy Produced Foam Test Kit generated a great deal of interest during the trade show, and was purchased at the event for use in the Nigerian oil and gas market. This is a product that we feel will have a very bright future within the industry, and that this will be the first of many international purchases.

The perfect product for the ultimate peace of mind

The qualities of fire-fighting foam will, in many cases, not be properly known until it is called into action, and of course if it’s found to be wanting, it will be too late to do anything about it. Owners and operators of maritime vessels and offshore installations need to know in advance that everything will work well should it be needed.

Test your foam in advance of any emergencies

With the Eazy Produced Foam Test Kit, you can make sure your foam is of the required standard before you ever feel the need to implement it. It’s easy to use, and it provides vital real time information about the quality of the foam. In the event of a fire on board, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have the right equipment on hand to deal with the subsequent fall-out.

Compliance is crucial

The Foam Test Kit from Eazychem is suitable for use with a wide variety of international safety standards, including NFPA 11 2002 and BS5306. Regular performance testing is a requirement on board vessels, and with this vital equipment you can easily test and calibrate as and when necessary. And because you are carrying out the test yourself, you can save time because you won’t have to send samples to a testing laboratory and wait for the results to be returned to you.



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