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The Benefits of Using an Alkaline Detergent

Nov 17, 2017

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In this environmentally sensitive age, alkaline cleaners have become a mainstay of industrial cleaning and are used in a variety of applications – shipping being a fine example, where marine cleaning chemicals are an essential part of the maritime maintenance operation.

These heavy duty detergents have proven to be a highly effective agent for maintaining effective levels of cleanliness and hygiene in cargo tanks and on other metal surfaces.

As part of an automated cleaning operation, an alkaline detergent is regarded as one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of removing a wide variety of soils, keeping metal clean and protected.

What’s in them?

Alkaline detergents typically consist of a specifically formulated mixture of chemical blends, containing substances like potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide – these are alkaline salts, wetting agents and chelating agents – which dissolve fats, oils and grease, and are emulsifiers of soil deposits. They also destroy microorganisms.

When sprayed on the metal surface, or dissolved in water before application, the cleaning constituents remove any contaminants and allow them to be easily rinsed off. As well as being a tried and tested method for removing moist soils, they can also help prevent metal oxidation. This is because the dispersing agent within the alkaline cleaner resists any dissolved dirt, preventing any latent attack on the metal.

How they work

Alkaline detergents produce a number of chemical and physical actions, including:

  • Saponication – where oils and fat deposits are removed from compounds by converting them into water-soluble compounds.
  • Solvent action – enabling alkaline cleaners to break up the oils on the surface of metals.
  • Emulsification – where oil particles are suspended, so that the rinsing process can take place
  • Detergency – once active wetting agents are applied to the surface, this decreases tension in the oil surface, encouraging better penetration and displacement of soil from metals.

Advantages of alkaline cleaning

Compared to organic chlorinated solvents, alkaline cleaners put up an extremely strong case. They remove solid contaminants more effectively than organic chlorinated solvents; they are less expensive; and have the added advantage of being environmentally friendly.

Need further help?

If you require any assistance with marine cleaning chemicals, eazy Aquaclean HD is a heavy duty, water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser, designed for use in conditions requiring effective removal of oily deposits.

It is environmentally sensitive, does not contain petroleum solvents and is suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning.

The product can be used for cleaning vegetable, animal and mineral oils/petroleum products after cargo discharge and is ideal for removing inert gas soot deposits (IGS) from cargo tanks.

Eazy Aquaclean HD has been tested by Marinfloc and approval status is granted as “Can Be Separated”. In accordance with MARPOL Annex II Regulation 13.5.2 and MEPC.1/Circ.590, Tank Cleaning Additives Guidance Note and Reporting Form, eazy Aquaclean HD is approved as a cargo tank cleaning additive.

Contact [email protected] or Marinfloc directly for specific details.

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