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Be ready in 2017 for new ballast water regulations

Dec 6, 2016


Every owner and operator in the maritime industry is all too aware of the need to remain compliant with a wide-ranging series of laws, rules and regulations, and of how these statutes apply in various parts of the world. Staying within the law is a must, because those who don’t can be subject to a number of stringent, diligently enforced punishments.

In September 2017, the industry sees the ratification of a major piece of legislation designed to protect marine and coastal environments throughout the world. The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, better known as the BWM Convention, marks a new era in the way our vessels use ballast water.

You need a ballast water test kit now more than ever before

The onus will now be on the industry to ensure water is treated before being jettisoned, and this means an effective and reliable ballast water test kit is a must-have. In order to remain compliant, responsible parties need to know for sure that their tanks can be discharged safely without causing harm to the local ecosystem.

For many years, some vessels have been taking on board ballast water in one port before discharging it without treatment into an environment that may not be able to cope with the various invasive species which are contained within. Accurate testing via our Eazy Ballast Water Test Kit will enable operators to know they can safely release their ballast water as and when necessary.

Ballast water discharges have been dangerous in the past

There have been many occasions when the discharge of ballast water has led to major upheavals in local ecosystems. Various invasive species have upset the balance of life in new areas. They include the North Pacific seastar, which was transported from its home to southern Australian waters, resulting in dramatic reductions in local oyster, clam and scallop populations.

Falling foul of the new regulations can be economically damaging to owners and operators, and will lead to a lessening in their reputations too. By using an effective ballast water test kit, it will be a simple process to remain compliant.

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