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5 reasons your vessel should have a Waste Compactor

Aug 24, 2015

The waste we produce and recycling it is an expensive business and the cost of raw materials, energy and labour alone can increase it by as much as 20 times. Coupled with the long-term impact on the environment, and the need to comply with increasingly strict UK and European legislation, the need for a Mariwaste Press Waste Compactor becomes clear.Waste Compactor

  1. Ensure compliance & meet legal requirements

With increasingly strict legislation, effective management of our waste ensures we are meeting these laws and avoiding any hefty fines or possible prosecution, which can result from non-compliance.

  1. Save money

The device results in ‘soft’ waste savings by as much as 60%, as well as reduced waste collections and waste disposal costs and landfill charges – bringing you significant financial benefits. Using it results in a 10:1 compacting of cardboard and 12:1 compaction of plastic bottles and cans – meaning the press can be self-funding in as little as six months.

  1. Save space and streamline recycling

The Mariwaste Press is a user-friendly marine-grade device which efficiently compacts and manages ‘soft’ waste including paper, cardboard, plastic and metal packaging. This allows for easy sorting of waste into categories and you can then recycle with ease when in dock. Space saved from compacting the waste can be used to store other materials or for alternative uses.

  1. Lower your carbon footprint

It brings the added benefit of being able to strengthen an environmentally-friendly policy, helping to limit the impact of landfill sites, which is becoming ever-more important to organisations.

  1. Improve public perception

With increasing pressure from central and European governments to reduce the impact of business operations on the environment, making steps to dispose of waste responsibly will only go in your favour and help to create a positive impression to external stakeholders.

Machine vital statistics

A Waste Compactor is CE Approved and is a single-operator machine with built in safety features and a drainage tray to catch any spills. It can process up to eight bales an hour and is a compact 870 x 780 x 2150 mms in size – meaning it won’t take up significant valuable space.

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