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Latest Products

  • eazy BioKleen


    Organic toilet cleaner

    eazy BioKleen is a blend of natural microbes combined with surfactants and perfume to digest oils, greases and other organic matter.

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  • eazy BioMSC


    Organic multi-purpose cleaner

    eazy BioMSC is a blend of natural microbes combined with surfactants and perfume formulated to prevent the build up of uric acid scale in vacuum toilet systems.

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  • eazy BioTreat


    Organic waste treatment

    eazy BioTreat is a concentrated organic waste treatment designed to maintain the efficiency of marine sanitation systems.

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  • eazy BWT Test Kit Complete


    Boiler water test kit

    eazy BWT Test Kit contains all necessary reagents and equipment to monitor the condition of water in low pressure boilers.

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  • eazy BWT-1


    Boiler water treatment

    eazy BWT-1 is a liquid treatment designed to inhibit scale formation and corrosion within the marine boiler circuit.

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  • eazy Cement Remover-C


    Cement deposit remover

    eazy Cement Remover-C is a concentrated acid for the effective removal of cement and lime residues as well as lime bound soiling from steel superstructures and all acid resistant surfaces.

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  • eazy CitraClean


    Citrus based detergent

    eazy CitraClean is a blend of surfactants, dispersants and naturally derived citrus oils ideal for removing heavy soiling normally requiring solvents.

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  • eazy Combustion Improver


    Fuel oil combustion catalyst

    eazy Combustion Improver is specifically formulated to be a combustion improver, carbon catalyst, ash deposits modifier and smoke suppressant for diesel engines and boilers.

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