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Equipment & Consumables Products

  • eazy Scrubber Caustic Test Kit


    Caustic test kit

    The eazy Scrubber Caustic Test Kit is used for the determination of % caustic supplied for use in wet scrubber systems.

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  • eazy Sewage Effluent Test Kit


    Monitoring waste systems “MARPOL Annexe IV” Approved

    As any vessel operator will already know, marine sewage treatment is a hugely important issue, and it’s one which is bound by a number of complex maritime regulations. The way a ship installation is allowed to process and dispose of sewage can vary from region to region, and because of this the operator needs to ensure high standards are always maintained.

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  • Mariwaste Press


    Marine grade garbage compactor

    Mariwaste Press is used to minimise cost for waste Paper, Metal and Plastic disposal and enables greater storage of segregated waste for recycling purposes.

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