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Air cooler cleaner

eazy ACC solvent air cooler cleaner is a highly active combination of cleaning and corrosion inhibiting compounds.

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eazy ACC air cooler cleaner is a highly active combination of cleaning and corrosion inhibiting compounds. When sprayed on soiled parts of an air cooler product penetrates and dissolves deposits of oil and grease. These accumulations can then be removed using compressed air or rinsing with fresh water. The product has a low order of toxicity, contains no harmful chlorinated solvents and has a high flash point.


Air coolers will, during normal operation, become fouled with oil, grease and other contaminants present in the air in the engine room. These contaminates are deposited on the cooling surfaces as the air from the turbochargers passes through the air cooler.

In-service cleaning of diesel engine air coolers can be achieved by injecting an emulsion of product into the air cooler trunk followed by a clean water rinse. Major engine manufacturers approve this method.

Product is highly effective in cleaning soiled parts of the air cooler. The parts should be immersed in undiluted product. The cleaning action penetrates deposits, dissolving oil matter and hydrocarbon materials and loosens insoluble solids, which can then be removed by rinsing in fresh water or with the use of compressed air.


Product should be mixed in two parts of water to form an emulsion. When preparing, the correct order is to add product to the water (not vice versa). The resulting emulsion is non-flammable, nonexplosive and has no flash point.

In-service Cleaning
The emulsion should be injected into the air cooler trunk over a period of 10 minutes. Fresh water should then be injected to rinse off the emulsified deposits.

Soak Method
This requires the cooler to be removed from the engine and immersed in a bath or tank of cleaning solution with agitation provide by a compressed air line. After 2 to 4 hours the cooler should be removed and rinsed with fresh water or blown with compressed air.

Circulation Method
Certain coolers can be cleaned in-situ. This requires a circulation system to be connected and the emulsion circulated through the cooler. After cleaning the cooler should be drained and flushed with fresh water.

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